Tithes and Offering

You can now give your tithes and offerings anytime, anywhere


You can give your tithes and offerings physically in church. 

Fill up the fields on the offering envelops (available from the entrance). 

Then put your offering in and drop the envelope into the offering bag.

If you are writing a cheque please make checks payable to 'Maranatha Christian Assembly'.


填写信封上的空格 (信封 在入口)


如果您要写支票,请支票注明 “Maranatha Christian Assembly

Kindly tap PayNow to Maranatha Christian Assembly  (UEN: S90SS0017H) or scan QR code below together with your last 4 digits and alphabet as “Reference No.” 


请点击PayNow 到 Maranatha Christian Assembly(UEN: S90SS0017H)或扫描以下的二维码以及您的身份证号码最后4位数字和字母作为“参考编号”。


You may choose to give via online banking. Details are below:

DBS Current Account: 015-022512-2

Tithes : (NRIC last four-digit) 1234Z

Mission: name $XXXM

Building Fund:  name $XXXB

Love Gift: name $XXXLG



DBS Current Account: 015-022512-2

什一税 : (身份证最后四位数和字母) 1234Z

宣教: 姓名 $XXXM

建堂基金:  姓名 $XXXB

爱心奉献: 姓名 $XXXLG