Doing Church Differently

Hi Faithful Members and Good Friends,

Greetings in Jesus’ mighty name! His love and mercy endures forever!

These are indeed unprecedented times. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed a situation where churches are closed for public safety. I am very thankful to our talented worship and support team that has helped us to transit and get the church online at such short notice. Some teething problems are expected but going forward, we will try to ensure the process is more streamlined. The experience gained comes in handy when we do ministry in our over forty branches and small groups overseas through broadcasting of messages and training via our website and the ‘Zoom’ platform.

We are going to have Easter service online on our Website although it is not exactly ideal. Easter is the most important day for all churches but as for now, it is the best way to reach people who are confined at home whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

In spite of the many restrictions placed on Paul when he landed in prison, it did not stop him from writing the epistles which we still glean today for instructions, messages and exhortation.

With our broadcast we have a far greater reach beyond our own members but also to friends from other churches and those overseas who have tuned in to our online services. We are also sending our recordings to the prisons and to those under restrictions for an opportunity to hear God’s word.

We need to engage our members in the days ahead as we face the CoVid 19 pandemic and the financial storm that is going to affect many of us adversely.

How do you keep people engaged at your church when they can't meet physically?

Write to us or send us messages. We can keep the conversations going. Let us never stop communicating and connecting with us.

How do you keep paying the bills when you can't receive a physical offering?

We can conveniently give via Cheques, PayNow or Bank Transfers towards tithes and offerings. Bills have to be paid and Mission works continue to receive our support.

How do we keep leading in the midst of so much uncertainty?

We will continue our pastoral ministry through Emails, broadcast, phone calls, SMSes and Zoom Prayer meetings.

This semi Lockdown has given us the added push to relook, rewire and transform our modus operandi but rest assured, we will not be out of touch.

May the God of Hope fill you with all Joy and Peace, as we remember His great Love for us, on this Holy Day and Easter, as Always!


Rev Dr. David Lee

P.S. You don’t have to walk through this season alone.

Contact us. Pray for us as we pray for you!

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