Dear Members and Guest,

We are working towards tightening our safe management measures to adhere to the current Covid-19 guidelines from MOH dated 4 May 2021, with effect from 8 May 2021 onwards. We want to thank all you leaders and your members for helping to keep our church Covid-19 safe for the past months.

Be encouraged to keep up the good work and not let your spirits be dampened by the new guidelines. Pray at all times, stand firm and strong and seize every opportunity to show love to your members and oikos. We look forward to singing together again soon.

The details of the different areas are highlighted as follows. The guidelines are subject to change according to the government guidelines and the church's current needs. Thank you.

Yours truly,

Pastor Amadea Seow

On behalf of Senior Pastor and the Church Board

English Service

English service will be remain open for Onsite service with Live broadcast on Church members and visitors can choose to attend service Onsite or Online. All attendees will have to abide by the guidelines provided below.

Guidelines for entry into church premises

  1. Ensure that you are wearing a mask at all times unless you are Preaching or Worship Leading. Sanitise your hands at the lobby before entering the hall. Please see a doctor and rest at home if you are feeling unwell.

  2. TraceTogether-only Safe Entry (TT-only SE) will be implemented on the 17 May 2021 onwards (17). Scanning of SE-QR will with the phone camera and Singpass App will be discontinued. ID check-ins will remain until 31 May 2021 (17).

  3. SafeEntry Gateway will be placed at the entrance from 17 May 2021 onwards. Congregation attending Chinese service will use Lift Lobby 1, whereas congregation attending English Service and DCKids will use Lift Lobby 2. Do not cross Zones or Units.

  4. There will be no live Onsite singing from the congregation except for the Worship Leader until further notice (C.a.14). You may like to express your worship by clapping, raising of hands, grooving on the spot, praying, meditating, or reading of Scriptures as long as you practice 1m safe distancing.

  5. Congregation will be seated one meter apart in their respective zones instead of in groups of eight. There will be no pre-event testing required for our church as we limit 100 people in one hall (13). There are three zones in the church, Zone 1 (the front of the auditorium, 50 pax max), Zone 2 (the back of the auditorium, 40 pax max), Zone 3 (Hall 1, 50 pax max). Please fill up one zone at a time (guided by the ushers) and avoid any intermingling between zones when Onsite. Parents who are waiting to pick up their children at DCKids are allowed to use the lounge or attend Service at Zone 3.

  6. You may greet one another with a wave or verbal greetings Onsite but please refrain from close contact such as handshaking and any form of physical touch. Keep one metre distancing at all times.

  7. Food and beverages are also not allowed in the auditorium. You may bring your personal water bottles.

  8. We would encourage the congregation to be seated in the auditorium by 10:15 am as service will start punctually at 10:30 am. Do note that the church is broadcasting the Onsite service and attending church indicates that you have given the church permission to video or photograph you. All data collected would be strictly for church use only.

  9. To reduce physical contact, we will not be passing around the offertory bag. We encourage you to give your Tithes and Offerings via PayNow, or drop your cheques in the offering box or mail. The QR code will be shared Onscreen and also found at the back of the chairs. Do also remember to pick up the individually packed Holy Communion Elements at the entrance, which we will partake together every first week of the month.

Church Office

  1. Church Office will be open from 10:30 am – 5:30 pm every Tuesday to Friday.

  2. Church staff will be reporting to the office on staggered days to abide by the 50/50 personnel requirement (12). .

  3. TraceTogether-only Safe Entry (TT-only SE) will be implemented from 17 May 2021 onwards (17). Scanning of SE-QR with the phone camera and Singpass App will be discontinued. ID check-ins will remain until 31 May 2021 (17).

  4. Face to face meetings and workspaces will abide by one meter distancing and with mask on.

  5. Social gatherings at workplace should be avoided (12). We encourage visitors to come for essential purposes only. Visitors are to give a call before dropping by. Pastoral visitation will be put on hold from 8 May to 30 May 2021.


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