Church in Phase 2

Dear Church Family and Friends,

Reopening the church has many complex challenges. Like I said before, it is easier to close than to start again. Under Phase 2 of the Circuit Breaker (CB), there is allowance for the gathering of 50 people. Again the runway is short with little time for preparation and planning.

Thankfully we were able to tackle many challenges head-on, navigate through uncharted waters and rise above the circumstances.We were unable to buy equipment and accessories, during the CB, but we managed to borrow some devices, got the license to use and record worship songs for live streaming and adapt quickly learning new skills and techniques.

Hence, we will continue with our Online services to serve you as best as possible, in this new norm.

The questions that need to be answered :

When will we be relaunching church services and ministry?

Are we ready to restart church without resetting first?

This week alone, we had two Board meetings and a long Staff meeting to put together a plan going forward. Before ministry can begin again, a plan for Safe Worship has to be submitted to MCYS. We have to put in place social distancing measures which includes the sitting arrangements, hand sanitising, cleaning of high traffic areas and frequent touch points, temperature taking and Safe Entry Check-ins and Check-outs.

Your safety is of utmost importance and we will plan a roster for activities and involvement of members where everyone can come back to serve again. The church staff will go all out to make these things happen and we are mindful of the vulnerable groups like our elderly as well as children.

We will be in dialogue with Ps Mike Keating this Sunday, when he will share with the leaders during Ministry Community via Zoom on his church relaunching experience in Perth.

A review of our current infrastructure revealed some urgent issues that require attention such as the electrical wiring and plumbing system which have started to become problematic of late. With the recent heavy rainfalls, we experienced blackouts and because the wiring is more than 30 years old, we run the risk of short circuits and a fire. The water pipes have burst on two occasions and are prone to leakage due to wear and tear.

The renovation work to be done is necessary and quite extensive and will include fixing new switches and the realignment of power points for better accessibility and also rectifying the wiring faults in the sound system. The lighting panels overhead that are worn out and risk falling will be replaced, the walls to get a fresh coat of paint before we get the carpets and curtains washed professionally.

As for now the congregation size is confined to 50 people. This too is transitional and we do not know when we would be able to meet as per Pre CoVid 19. We can consider holding multiple services and recorded services concurrently. At the moment, no live singing is allowed, so we will need another creative way to worship.The opportunities and options are overwhelming but we must give careful thought and make informed choices that will bring us forward and strengthen our position. There must be unity among the leaders, selfless sacrifice, devoted commitment and common ground for agreements. In a crisis, it is essential

that leaders have faith, express faithfulness and trust in one another to see greater hope for our future.

The timeline and completion of our renovation is estimated to be 3-4 weeks long but we give an update when that information is available. The cost of this major project is another challenge and we look to you for your unwavering support.

Pray for us as there are many decisions to be made and plans to actualise and we hope to celebrate our homecoming during our Church Anniversary service at the end of July.

In the meantime, don’t forget to wash your hands, wear your masks and be safe.

God bless you and family.

Yours faithfully,

Pastor David Lee, Staff, Board and Church

PS. Please note that the website for on-line Services are ongoing through the week. It will take time to work out the technical aspects, then will be accessible for those working on Sundays or for overseas friends, who has different time zone. In the meantime, we will operate pre-recorded Services and Zoom for prayer meetings, DC Kids, classes and Chinese Service. This Sunday we will have Ministry Community through Zoom at 2 pm.


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