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Our Strategy 

Jesus said that "He will build the church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it" (Matthew 16:18). The church is God's strategy of fulfilling His DREAM of establishing His kingdom in every heart. We invite you to join God's greatest mission of seeing lives transformed for eternity here at Maranatha.

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Make Jesus King: Our vision is to be a viable and vibrant church of authentic disciples fulfilling God's DREAM to honor Jesus as King.


Church for the Unchurched: We achieve our DREAM vision by REACHING people, ASSIMILATING them into the church family, building them to be like Christ through DISCIPLESHIP and equipping them for MINISTRY, to EXALT God’s name.


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On the left are our 5 key strategic pillars denoted by D.R.E.A.M. to fulfill our vision and mission of becoming disciple-makers.

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We are a church for the unchurched! Disciple-making begins with reaching the lost. God's love experienced in us naturally overflows to the people around us in tangible ways and with the greatest love message - the Gospel. We desire to share God's love especially to those who are spiritually lost, lonely and the least just like Jesus did.



Discipleship is the passionate life-long pursuit to be like Christ. It should not be left to chance but should be intentional as we allow God's Word to transform us through our daily devotion and weekly sermons in our Sunday Service.

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We are wired for relationships and need spiritual community to grow as disciples. The New Testament is filled with one-another's verses for us to live out what it means to be more like Christ. Jesus said that our love for one another is a powerful witness to the world that God is love. Assimilate and belong to this local church and a small group today.



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Jesus said that the church is His body. We are his hands and feet serving others today. When we are equipped to serve God and others, we become more like Jesus. Each believer is gifted by the Holy Spirit to play different roles in this Body of Christ to effectively represent Jesus to the world. Fill in the form to match you to a ministry that suits your passion and strengths.

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Worship is a lifestyle of putting Christ first. Praise and prayer are tangible expressions of that desire and dependence in our lives. It is only when we gaze upon the beauty of Christ do we become like Him. Commit to God and this body of Christ by becoming a member of the church. Discipleship is cyclical as we reach and help someone else become a disciple-maker.

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