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Discipleship is the passionate life-long pursuit to be like Christ. It should not be left to chance but should be intentional and systematic. We want to be found faithful in planting and watering the seeds of discipleship through God's Word while depending on God for spiritual growth. Below is the roadmap based upon the DREAM process of making kingdom disciples. 1) Reach: We begin by reaching the lost through evangelism. 2) Discipleship: Discipleship takes place weekly through our sermons at the Sunday Service 3) Assimilate: We deepen our understanding and application of the Word by belonging to a small group. 4) Ministry: We serve others within the church and outside the church. 5) Exalt: We commit ourselves to God and the church by becoming committed members of God and the church. Our discipleship is ongoing and lifelong as we reach others and disciple them.

Join a small group to go through these our sermon series through discussion guide and application in a loving community.

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